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This website is not a vanity project as much as it is a “gateway to accuracy”, a part of good web management. I resisted social media at first and still feel that it is fraught with all kinds of vulnerabilities. Being online and communicating through this medium is a beautiful thing but it needs to be managed. Information on the web can be out of date, incomplete or worse, completely incorrect. The Genesis of this project stemmed from a colleague who mailed me a letter to an address he found while searching for me online. It eventually got to me. The address was four years out of date.

As a human being, I do want to reach out to my family, friends and colleagues and let them know what I am up to. As a musician promoting a non popular genre of music, My Band's Website I want to reach out and find “my peeps” to share in the music that I am producing. The information here is personal but not private. All of this information can be publicly found in other media (for example a phone book). And, all of this information I gladly distribute to let others know who I really am. Again, is this a Vanity Project? No, it is just good web management.

Just as Twitter asks the simple question what are you doing right now? My personal website Personal Website answers the question; who are you, really? While my business website Aesthetic Corporation Website answers the question; How can I help you?

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